Josh Okogie Provides the Wolves a Potential Spark Plug

The month of October has officially entered the building. Meaning, the annual initiation of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ regular season is right around the corner.

When attempting to decipher how Tom Thibodeau will divvy up the upcoming campaign’s available minutes, there’s still an oversized elephant in the room making that task damn near impossible:

Obviously, however the hell this whole Jimmy Butler situation ends up will greatly effect what type of substitution rotation(s) Thibs rolls with throughout the year.

With that being said, regardless as to how much playing time MN’s 2018 first round draft pick, Josh Okogie, receives during his inaugural NBA season, I fully expect the Georgia Tech alum to have his Timberwolves teammates smitten.

First of all, despite parts of his offensive game needing work, as you can see from the below Summer League footage, the 20 year-old appears fully prepared to bring all of the smoke on the defensive end:

Secondly, per all indications, Okogie spends his time on the basketball court going more hard than your alcoholic Uncle. The 6’5″ (7’0″ wingspan) shooting guard’s proverbial hustle meter is off of the imaginary the charts.

While speaking with the media after a recent practice, that adage was seemingly reiterated by one Taj Gibson.

Gibson, who’s preparing for his 11th NBA season, stated that the Wolves rookie is “extremely active, tough minded” and that he “likes his game.” When considering all that Taj Gibson has accomplished in the league, and how he has carried himself throughout the entire process, those compliments carry a substantial amount of weight.

Taj Gibson

In regards to how Okogie looks at himself, while discussing his top-of-the-line motor, the defensive-minded rookie has referenced the Michael Jordan of passion; 2016-17 NBA MVP Russell Westbrook.

For those of you not familiar Westbrook’s work, here’s a quick look into that mad man’s mind:

Timberwolves season Opener: 10/17 at 7:30PM CST (FSN)

Bart Scott - Can't Wait



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