Edina Diver Megan Phillip Broke State Record on Busted Ankle

On Monday, the Star Tribune adequately awarded Edina’s Megan Phillip with their annual metro athlete of the year honor for girls’ swimming.

It was during last month’s Class AA Championships that Phillip, who is only a junior, rather decisively dove her way to yet another state title.

3 Peat.jpg

While obtaining back-to-back-to-back crowns is impressive enough, it’s the manner in which Phillip went about securing the three-peat that transforms her talented tale into stuff of legends.

Simply put, she pulled it off on a broken ankle.

Thug LifeThat’s right. Mighty Megan’s top of the podium performance, which also helped propel Edina to the team title, was accomplished on a busted right ankle.

According to the Phillip, who received surgery five days after the season ceased, despite moments questioning whether or not she’d be able to complete her junior campaign, she “stuck it out.

Flat Tire

In my opinion, “stuck it out” is putting the gutsy performance extremely lightly.

While I want to some people want to call it a day after stubbing their toe, Megan Phillip went out their, and had a broken ankle performance that makes MJ’s flu game seem mediocre.

Hey, speaking of things that are broken, I almost forgot to mention one Jaime Sanger’s state record diving performance.

During last month’s state championship competition, as if it were the joint attached to her foot, Megan Phillip snapped Sanger’s over two-decade old accolade.

Mic Drop.jpg


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